Partnership for After School Education

The pressure exerted by growing demand for youth programs and services against a contracting supply of government funding requires staff, board and volunteers to think differently about fundraising.

This new funding climate requires organizations to adopt a new set of fundraising activities focused on diversified funding streams and a strong internal culture of philanthropy. Through a capacity building contract, PASE provides professional development, resources, and best practices in fund development for organizations with DYCD contracts.

Upcoming Events

Strengthening Organizations’ Fund Development Planning - a Fund Development Institute for DYCD Contracted Organizations

Nov. 13, 2018 – Feb. 5, 2019

This seven session institute along with individualized coaching and follow-up is designed to address the challenges inherent in creating a diversified and sustainable fundraising plan and involves senior leadership in building a culture of philanthropy and developing strategies for resource diversification. Participants learn practical, field-tested strategies and tactics that can be easily replicated and expanded to suit organizational needs and size. A culture of accountability is fostered through the creation of a peer mentor network and the assignment of practical exercises with report out requirements.


Past Events

Fund Development Series

  • Strengthening Organization through Corporate Engagement
  • Special Events to Foster Philanthropic Engagement
  • Activating Board Fundraising
  • Developing a Junior Board


Looking for specific support in fund development? PASE can provide tailored consultation services to address fundraising challenges unique to your organization. If interested, please contact your DYCD Program Manager.