Partnership for After School Education

Issue 202

February 03, 2020

Counting Young Children A 2020 Census Forum

Citizens' Committee for Children’s Every Child Counts! Campaign in partnership with New York Counts 2020 will be hosting a census forum on February 7, 2020. Attendees will learn ways they can join and benefit from the resources provided by advocacy groups and campaigns across New York working to ensure a fair and accurate count, including how we can reverse the trend of the undercount of young children. This event will include interactive breakout sessions providing targeted training and resources for individuals and organizations who work with young people, their caregivers, and communities, as well as those who are seeking information to help engage staff, colleagues, and their personal networks. RSVP to attend.

February 03, 2020

UpRISE Performance Festival

Cora Dance's UpRISE Performance Festival continues with Halfsies, a series of performances, each split between two artists, giving both an opportunity to cross-pollinate audiences and share works in development. Each night, Shannon Hummel/Cora Dance previews material from the company’s latest work-in-progress: Grove, an intergenerational collage of bones, muscles, heart, and skin examining how solidarity and adaptability inspire unlikely and transformative power. Tickets are available for performances on February 20, 2020 and February 21, 2020.

February 03, 2020

Latino College Expo & College Prep Seminars

The March 21, 2020 Latino College Expo (LCE) allows participants to meet admissions representatives from over 50 public and private colleges, universities and community-based organizations. Participants should bring school transcripts, test scores, and a list of extracurricular activities if they'd like to "Ask the Counselor" and talk one-to-one with a college advisor (available in English and Spanish). Participants are also welcome to attend College Prep Seminars prior to the Expo to engage in discussions on various topics that will help prepare them for the college search process. Register to attend.