Partnership for After School Education

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Morning Session (8:30 am - 9:00 am)

Round 1 Workshops (11:00 am - 12:30 pm)

It Takes a Village

During this panel discussion, you will hear from a NYC DOE principal, discussing the role and importance of community based organizations within schools; an out-of-school time consultant, who has helped to foster and implement a virtual learning model between a school district and a community based organization, and a non-profit organization that supports both school day and out of school time programming and educators across the country. The panelists will discuss key learnings, wins, and challenges both locally and nationally. They will propose solutions based on models that have worked thus far. Participants will walk away with the foundation to build and/or strengthen the academic and remote learning partnership with their school sites. The discussion will be interactive; questions and comments from participants are encouraged.

Leading Virtual Afterschool Activities: Systems and Practices

Being thrust into the virtual learning environment has forced afterschool programs to adjust to a new way of engaging youth. In this workshop, Global Kids will share how we transitioned from in-person activities to online learning platforms, while maintaining fun, interactive and safe spaces for youth. Participants will learn about platforms and interactive online tools we've used, as well as how we trained and prepared our staff for the transition. We will also share what we have learned and how we are tweaking our virtual programming based on what we've heard from staff and youth.

Simplifying a Path to Diversified Funding

This session is dedicated to the importance of diversifying funding, and the imperative for it especially during a pandemic. Participants will hear from a variety of funders and development experts who will highlight the unique opportunities and challenges faced in securing funding from city government, foundations, corporations, and individual donors. The panel will discuss the investment organizations can make now - to maximize their strategies and their capacity to secure diverse funding.

Virtual Hiring and Staffing Practices for Real Success

Sourcing and retaining talent has always been challenging for afterschool programs. During the past few months, the additional challenges of staffing and fiscal instability combined with a shift to a virtual world has exacerbated these issues. How do we adapt to a shifting landscape while maintaining our organizational values? Join us for a conversation on how organizations can redefine the skills needed for success in this new medium, broaden and redefine hiring pools, and retain and develop our existing staff.

Lunch & Learn Sessions (1:00 pm - 1:30 pm)

The Bridge from Policy to Practice – A Paid Leave Primer

Youth workers, like all American workers, are struggling to balance their need for a steady salary with the demands of childcare and caretaking during COVID-19. There has been little publicity of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, but for eligible workers and employers this may be a critical resource that provides paid leave for workers and compensates employers. Join us for a discussion on how both employees and employers can benefit from recently passed legislation.

Youth Activism

Youth facilitators from Teens Take Charge will share their experience running campaigns and how youth can get involved. They will share tips on how to promote youth activism in other communities and organizations and make space for youth leadership through Youth Adult partnerships.

Round 2 Workshops (2:00 pm - 3:30 pm)

Beyond Words: Reimagining Anti-racist Education in a Time of COVID

So you want to be anti-racist, but where do you actually start? Through this workshop you will be able to generate your own set of questions to focus you on your organization’s “why” in it anti-racism journey. What do you want to accomplish? What metrics do you want to change in your organization? Why do you want to change those things?

Join us for an hour of backwards planning to create a map for your north star and figure out the “why” and “how” of your anti-racist work. Hear the testimonials of Mel Jackman and Susan Gonzowitz from EHTP, two educators who are actively involved in bringing anti-racism work into the classroom, and let their successes and failures help guide you.

Boosting Academic Enrichment in Our Current Context

Even though academic readiness has always been an essential component of afterschool programming, the need to boost these services has heightened due to COVID-19. This workshop will offer some context on the academic challenges facing youth given the dual pandemics. It will also propose some ways that afterschool programs can adjust content to fill those gaps. Attendees will leave with some delivery methods, interventions and activities that could seamlessly be integrated into virtual and/or socially distant learning environments.

School-Community Partnerships in the COVID-19 Era

The need for close collaboration between schools and community based organizations has never been greater, and the conditions for doing so have never been tougher. In addition to exploring key principles of effective partnerships and the implications of the pandemic on school-community relationships, join us for a dialogue with a principal and senior nonprofit executive on how they are working together to manage uncertainty while trying to do right by students and families.

Supporting the Social-Emotional Needs of Youth

This session will explore students’ social-emotional needs in the context of COVID-19. Participants will gain an understanding of trauma-informed care within the afterschool space and learn to apply promising practices to assist in students’, families’ and staff’s positive experiences with school reopening.