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Are you preparing to migrate your data into Salesforce (or another CRM)?

Registration opens on Monday, April 10 at 9:00 am

In this online session, come learn the best ways to complete this process efficiently. We will explore strategies to clean data in Excel to ensure an accurate database, connect related records, and minimize errors during the import process. Walk away with new Excel tips and data migration techniques in your tool belt!

The ideal audience for this session includes program staff and development staff responsible for data management.

In partnership with Idlewild, this three-session series, Getting the Most out of your Data, will focus on how nonprofit organizations can better leverage their CRM to create more effective and efficient systems. Register for one or multiple sessions.


Laura Clay

Laura has worked in the nonprofit, education, and political sector for 13 years. She has worked in fundraising and operations, focusing heavily on database administration and management. As a Director of Operations for high schools and as a Compliance Consultant, she has spent her career focusing on maximizing the efficiency of databases to lighten the workload of all team members, ensuring their focus is on the important work of their missions and not on time-consuming data entry or research. L... Read More

Miriam Escamilla

Miriam is a Salesforce Certified Administrator who has worked with over 30 nonprofits supporting their Salesforce systems since joining Idlewild. with a background in the healthcare industry. Before joining Idlewild, Miriam worked in the healthcare industry, working as a Human Resource Specialist where she managed new hires and trained employees to effectively use the company’s various technology platforms. After 5 years within this role, Miriam sought a career change to focus more on database m... Read More

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