Partnership for After School Education

In a recent study by Salesforce, 86% of employees cited lack of communication and collaboration in workplace failures.

Many of these failures are due to pitfalls in communication. Did you know today's organizations have up to 5 unique generations in the workplace. These generations hold varying views of work and success. A major pitfall in driving strong communication are the assumptions and generalizations often made about each generation. Through the lens of diversity and inclusion, this session will highlight best practices for age-inclusive collaboration which leads to more productive and innovative organizations.

This session is a presentation of fee-based services from College Code.


Chelsea Williams

A GenZ Expert and International Facilitator, Chelsea C. Williams serves as Founder & Career Strategist of College Code, a national consultancy working at the intersection of education and workforce development. College Code delivers educational services and career coaching in support of students, early career professionals, and employers. Chelsea has facilitated and consulted for dozens of organizations cross industry and sector as far as Sydney, Australia. She is also a National Career Coa... Read More