Partnership for After School Education

In this hands-on workshop, managers and supervisors will explore key components of employee engagement and disengagement, while learning concrete strategies to better and more compassionately support and retain staff.

Join us to learn how simple changes to management practice can create a more human-centered culture that makes employees feel more valued, connected, empowered, and emotionally committed to your program and/or organization.

Participants will...

  1. understand research-aligned tools to more compassionately support and retain staff
  2. learn how simple changes to management practice can radically shift program and organization cultures
  3. improve their practice as leaders, managers and coaches within the education and youth development sector

This session is a presentation of fee-based services from Reloveution.


Marissa Badgley

A native of New Paltz, NY, I began my journey in public service at a young age, realizing not only the incredible importance of giving back but also that I possess a natural gift for inspiring others to lead, serve, and create meaningful change. At Franklin & Marshall College, I was a double major in English and French with an "unofficial minor" in civic engagement. I completed my Masters of Social Work at the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis with a specialization in nonpro... Read More