Partnership for After School Education

PASE’s Explorers is a project-based global learning curriculum that combines community exploration with a photography project.

Photography is the tool used in PASE Explorers to help youth share their neighborhood story and can be adapted to use in your program for different purposes.

This workshop led by NYC Salt will focus specifically on the photography component in the PASE Explorers curriculum and is open to anyone interested in introducing photography to youth.


Lauren Welles

Lauren is a freelance photographer and former corporate attorney who left an unfulfilling, 16-year career, to follow her passion for photography. She is attracted to ideas and stories that display our commonalities as people; she believes that, as human beings, we are much more alike than we are different. Her photography has received a number of rewards and has been exhibited at, and published in, various venues and publications around the world. Lauren teaches photography to high school studen... Read More