Partnership for After School Education

During this online session, educators will explore ways to introduce students to diverse STEM careers and make real-world connections between students’ lived experiences and the future of work. Early exposure to opportunities in STEM-related industries will inspire and empower students to pursue STEM, from classrooms to careers.

Registration opens on Monday, May 1 at 9:30 am

STEM in Afterschool is a three-part workshop series designed to equip afterschool program staff with the knowledge, tools, and resources to strengthen the planning and delivery of high-quality STEM activities in out-of-school time settings. The series is intended for staff new to STEM education or the afterschool field.


Rowena Kuo

Rowena Kuo is the Project Manager of Social Impact/Corporate Education Partnership at Discovery Education. She is a seasoned STEM educator and project manager with experience working with non-profit organizations and industry leaders across the world to promote education equity and improve STEM learning experience. She received her B.S. in Biomedical Sciences and Environmental Biology from Kaohsiung Medical University in Taiwan and M.S. in Human Development from University of Rochester. Rowena i... Read More

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