Partnership for After School Education

Afterschool STEM provides learning opportunities that help young people develop the skills they need to thrive in the workplace and in life, according to a 2019 brief from the Afterschool Alliance. Since 2001, PASE has helped to make STEM topics more accessible to the afterschool field, providing STEM-related professional development opportunities for afterschool practitioners in how to effectively promote and utilize STEM in their programs.

Join us on June 18 for a virtual forum that highlights lessons learned from our STEM initiative which was designed to set a foundation to fundamentally expand the capacity of afterschool programs to provide STEM programming.

The morning will open with remarks from the Pinkerton Foundation, one of PASE’s primary STEM funders, on why they have invested in STEM as part of their youth development strategy. It will be followed by a panel discussion with youth-serving organization leaders, including WHEDco and Fresh Youth Initiatives, on how they have developed their STEM programs, lessons learned, and recommendations for ensuring quality and sustainability. The forum will close with presentations from local and national capacity builders, including the NYC STEM Education Network and Afterschool Alliance, on how to ensure high-quality afterschool STEM programming.

This forum is generously supported by the Pinkerton Foundation.