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Two fundamentals may impede your board’s fundraising.

  1. They don’t care enough. Your board members joined because they believed in the change that your organization is committed to (your vision) and how you make that change (your mission). Unfortunately, while that belief has continued at a cognitive level, not enough has happened to maintain the emotional connection necessary to motivate them to use their networks to cultivate potential donors.
  2. They are too anxious. When asked why they are anxious about engaging in fundraising, board members universally provide three reasons: Fear of damaging a relationship; Fear of rejection; and Reciprocity.

This workshop will present practical steps to address both of these impediments.

This session in the Fundraising Series is intended for Executive Directors, Board members, and Development staff.

This professional development opportunity is provided at no cost to you but has a per participant value of $75 for DYCD. If you register for and are subsequently unable to participate you are responsible for cancelling your registration or risk being waitlisted for future events.

Registration begins 5/13/19

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Michael Davidson

Michael Davidson is a consultant specializing in nonprofit board development, management support, leadership transition, and executive coaching for nonprofit managers. He has over 30 years experience in nonprofit board and managerial leadership and has provided board training and retreat facilitation for more than 150 nonprofit organizations. He is the former Chair of Governance Matters, designed and led the board candidate and organizational training for the Board Serve NYC program of the Unite... Read More