Partnership for After School Education

Four of every five entering community college students seek to transfer and earn at least a bachelor’s degree. However, only a small fraction of community college students who intend to transfer make it through to a bachelor’s degree. The often unclear and complex nature of the college transfer process can be one of the factors that derail a student’s plans. Support from trusted and competent advisors can make the difference.

Community-based organizations (CBOs) tend to remain in students’ lives during their post-secondary careers and can play a key role in demystifying the college transfer process.

In the past few years, our learning edge has focused on college transfer, an area that has the potential to greatly impact baccalaureate attainment rates.

We began this investigation in 2020, through a generous grant from the Teagle Foundation, to identify challenges and opportunities for CBOs supporting students through the college transfer process. Our findings from several reflections on practice discussions and a forum were summarized in a project brief.

The next iteration of this commitment, Charting the Path to College Transfer: The Role of CBOs, will focus on disseminating data and research, creating a learning community of field colleagues, and sharing promising practices for successful college transfers. To learn more, review the project one-pager.

Learning Community

Apply Today! Applications due by February 13, 2023, 11:59 PM

We are accepting applications for our Learning Community, Charting the Path to College Transfer: The Role of CBOs.

Through this program, a cohort of up to 15 New York City CBOs will participate in peer learning sessions and workshops designed to increase the knowledge and expertise within the afterschool community to better support students seeking college transfer. Members of the learning community will work collaboratively to set discussion session topics, share expertise, share ideas to enhance their practice, and identify areas of need for the field related to advisement and support of students seeking college transfer. Each participating organization will receive a one-time $500 stipend.