Partnership for After School Education

A majority of young adults in the United States lack an understanding of the interconnectedness of the modern world and “are unprepared for an increasingly global future.” [1]

For young people living in poverty, afterschool programs are often their sole connection to the larger world and to understanding their home and neighborhood cultures in a larger context. In today’s world, the ability to understand complex global issues, exposure to and comfort with cultures other than one’s own, and the ability to work in groups – skills that can be developed and honed in afterschool programs – are critical to young peoples’ overall success.

The PASE Approach

In 2010, PASE launched our Global Learning Initiative focused on supporting young people as they develop into global citizens through participation in afterschool programs. Through this initiative, PASE strengthens the ability of the afterschool community to support global learning with youth, helping them develop the necessary skills and knowledge to access global opportunities, to participate in a global economy, and to become responsible global citizens.


Our global learning work is funded through general operating support from PASE's Board of Directors and individual donors. The PASE Explorers program was supported by The Pinkerton Foundation. Past supporters of PASE’s Global Learning Initiative include the Barclays Nets Community Alliance and general operating support provided by PASE’s Board of Directors and generous individual donors.