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Research Series

Through "Connecting Research to Practice in Afterschool", generously supported by The Robert Bowne Foundation, the Partnership for After School Education (PASE) is delighted to introduce the PASE Research Series.

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Through this series, PASE aims to democratize access to research - incorporating "what we know" into "what we do" - and to connect afterschool professionals with leading researchers focused on research that is relevant to the afterschool field, informs practice, and has implications for afterschool programs' operations, and the youth and families served.

The PASE Research Series is designed to allow afterschool professionals to learn firsthand about research which might impact the relationships developed between young people and caring adults, as well as the program practices of high-quality afterschool service providers. Each two-hour presentation will include:

  • a lecture on a researcher's area of expertise or recent work;
  • time for participants to ask clarifying questions about the research presented; and
  • a facilitated discussion on the implications of the research on youth development practices.

After each presentation, PASE will disseminate a synopses, along with the original research, summaries, and discussion notes.

Relational Engagement Needs Among Black and Latino Boys

On May 28, 2015, in the first session of the Research Series, Dr. Edward Fergus-Arcia, Assistant Professor in Educational Leadership, New York University presented findings, detailed in the book Schooling for Resilience, of a 3 year study of 1,200 Black and Latino boys attending seven all-male schools. During the lecture, participants learned how boys of color responded to adults who focused on strategies that honored the youth’s emotional need to experience fairness, belonging, and cohesion.

Below find a video recording of the session and resources to learn more about the findings and their implications to the afterschool field.

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Learn about the Boys of Color in Afterschool: Protective Practices Institute. Applications closed.


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