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Make the PASE Network Work for You!

Make the PASE Network Work For You

Did you know PASE has two free resources--a bi-monthly newsletter and a jobs board--available to help spread the word about events, resources, and opportunities to our network? Our network includes approximately 1600 community-based organizations, along with higher ed representatives, funders, and other education stakeholders.

Two ways to engage our PASE network:

  • PASE Network News (PNN): a newsletter by and for the PASE Network, which goes out on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month. Each issue includes a combination of different items, including resources for youth, upcoming events, reports, and funding opportunities. PNN is sent to our mailing list with over 10,000 subscribers and is posted on our website.
  • PASE Jobs Board: a place to showcase afterschool and youth development roles. The Jobs Board is always available on our website and new opportunities are highlighted in each issue of PNN.

Once you sign up for a free organizational user account on our website (step-by-step tutorial here), you have access to the PNN and Jobs Board submission forms. The PASE team compiles the entries, posts them, and sends the word out to our network!

PNN items are incorporated into each issue as space allows. We include a maximum of one PNN item per event or program each year, and a maximum of one item per organization in each PNN issue. There is no limit on the number of job postings per organization.

Ready to get started? Here are our top five tips for writing an eye-catching PNN item:

  1. Keep it brief and catchy! A good title, a couple short sentences, and some well-placed links can go a long way in grabbing the reader’s attention. We cap PNN items at 3-4 sentences.
  2. Give the reader the key info they need to take action. Make sure to include all key details in the 3-4 sentence description, including dates, times, locations, relevant links, and contact information.
  3. Remember the messenger. PNN emails come from PASE, so write in 3rd person (e.g.: use “they” or the name of your organization).
  4. Consider timing. We only include one PNN item per organization in each issue and only highlight an opportunity (such as a specific event or program) once per year, so plan your submissions for when a signal boost will be most beneficial.
  5. Submit early! Items are space permitting, so don’t wait until the last minute.

Here are some recent examples of popular PNN items:

PNN Example The Knowledge House May 2022
One key PNN category is "Resources for Youth." This Summer 2022 example from The Knowledge House gives the reader everything they need to know to help get their youth engaged.
PNN Example Understanding FAFSA
Reports of relevant research and findings often get lots of engagement. The summary of this Fall 2022 guide intrigued many of our readers.
PNN Example Teachable NYC
We find that many of our readers are looking for ways to build new skills and competencies. This PNN post from Teachable NYC does a great job making the audience for their training very clear in a concise format.
  • Date Posted

    May 2, 2023

  • Author

    Jennie Morrison

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