Partnership for After School Education

Issue 106

August 31, 2015

The Nonprofit Quarterly: Call for Papers

The Nonprofit Quarterly (NPQ) is collaborating with the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network (YNPN) to collect and publish articles that reflect a range of current thinking among young civil activists. The YNPN/NPQ Series on Equity, Diversity and Inclusiveness In the Civil Sector is accepting papers from people under the age of forty on issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion. Their goal is to develop a collection that is inspirational, thought-provoking, and useful to all those working on these issues. Each article published will also be featured online at the NPQ's website. Outlines or short article summaries are due September 11, 2015.

August 31, 2015

#trending: Anthology of Teen Stories and Lesson Guides

This fall Youth Communication is offering a new resource for youth and staff called #trending, an anthology of teen stories, with accompanying Leader's Guide, and a training for group leaders. The anthology includes 36 stories on themes that are important to adolescents and teens, including exploring identity, friendships, being healthy, understanding anger, etc. The story-based lessons address all four SONYC (School’s Out New York City) content areas: literacy enrichment (reading comprehension), leadership development, academic support (text-based learning), and healthy living. Learn more about the resource including cost.

August 31, 2015

PowerPlay’s STARS Series Program

PowerPlay NYC is looking to build new partnerships with schools, community-based organizations, and NYCHA houses throughout the city to provide their STARS Series after school, youth development program, which provides sports instruction and health and learning activities to elementary and middle school girls. The program develops girls as leaders, advances girls’ health, and creates safe spaces where girls play hard, have fun, and form bonds with strong, caring women. STARS Series programs generally meet weekly, and each session features girls-only sports skill-building sessions followed by group discussions and activities utilizing the Women’s Sports Foundation’s “GoGirlGo” curriculum. PowerPlay believes that if girls don’t see it; they won’t do it--therefore their program activities are run by trained female coaches who look like the girls they work with. PowerPlay is able to provide this programming free of charge contingent upon funding. To learn more, please contact Marissa Munoz, Program Director, at

August 31, 2015

The Jed Foundation Resources for Youth and Staff

The Jed Foundation works to promote emotional health and prevent suicide among college and university students. The organization collaborates with the public and leaders in higher education, mental health, and research to produce and advance initiatives that promote awareness and understanding that emotional well-being is achievable, mental illness is treatable and suicide is preventable, as well as foster help-seeking so that those who need supportive services reach out to secure them, or are referred to services by a peer, and raise the importance of mental health services, policies and programs in the college selection process of students and parents, etc. Find resources for students, parents, and campus professionals on their website.