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July 11, 2024

Report: “Solving the Staffing Crisis Facing NYC’s Human Services Organizations"

Earlier this year, Center for an Urban Future published a report entitled “Solving the Staffing Crisis Facing NYC’s Human Services Organizations.” Citing that the average human services nonprofit has more than 15 percent of its positions vacant, as well as unsustainably high levels of staff turnover, the report does a deep dive into this issue on a local level. The report examines the scope of the crisis, explores its impact on nonprofits and service delivery, highlights best practices within the local human services field, and ends with recommendations. Read the full report on the Center for an Urban Future website. 

June 27, 2024

#DegreesNYC Student-Ready Schools and Campuses Report

What does Student Readiness mean in a higher education setting? #DegreesNYC  Data Fellows explored this topic in their recent youth participatory action research and resulting report, Student-Ready Schools and Campuses Report. While the term “student readiness” traditionally refers to the extent to which individual students are prepared for school, placing the majority of the responsibility on students to prepare themselves to fit into their schooling environment, this report’s definition of Student Readiness flips this script, and insists that schools and campuses must prepare themselves to receive a diverse group of students and provide them with the necessary resources and experiences that they need to succeed. Through their research, the Data Fellows focused on several major themes, including curriculum, campus culture, technology, mental health, and financial wellbeing, and outlined a series of preliminary suggestions for schools, colleges, and universities to become more Student-Ready. 

June 27, 2024

The Trevor Project's U.S. National Survey on the Mental Health of LGBTQ+ Young People

Currently in its 6th year, The Trevor Project’s U.S. National Survey on the Mental Health of LGBTQ+ Young People amplifies the experiences of more than 18,000 LGBTQ+ young people ages 13 to 24 across the United States. In addition to highlighting trends, including around mental health, healthcare access, and the impacts of anti-LGBTQ+ policies, the report provides data-driven ways to show support and acceptance for the LGBTQ+ young people in our lives — as well as the potentially life-saving benefits of creating affirming spaces and communities. Readers can engage with the report as a PDF document or through an interactive webpage

June 13, 2024

Keeping Track of New York City's Children: 2024

Citizens’ Committee for Children of New York recently released their 2024 edition of their Keeping Track of New York City’s Children publication. With an eye towards building a diverse, inclusive and equitable city, the publication leverages data to illustrate both strengths and shortcomings in the well-being experienced by New Yorkers. The report is broken down into areas such as education, housing and homelessness, health, community and environment, and more. You can access the data either through the PDF publication or through an interactive website via the CCC website. 

May 22, 2024

Boosting Transfer Student Success at CUNY

Do you support college prep, access, and success, and are you curious to learn more about the landscape of college transfer within the CUNY system? In March 2024, Center for an Urban Future released a report about the college transfer experience within CUNY. The report first disaggregates and examines student outcomes data, identifying uneven experiences based on factors such as demographics and campus, and then looks at promising practices within CUNY and beyond. Finally, the piece outlines strategic recommendations, both on a CUNY-level and a city/state level, that would improve student outcomes and increase equity. Read the full report on the CUF website. 

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