Partnership for After School Education

Issue 124

June 15, 2016

Every Hour Counts Ten-Year Convening Report

Every Hour Counts has published a report with lessons from ten years in the expanded-learning field and insights for the future. Funders and practitioners came together in December 2015 to reflect on the state of the field and begin to chart a course for the future. The Every Hour Counts Ten-Year Convening Report outlines this discussion and vision. Discover what leaders say about: resolving issues of inequity; recognizing social and emotional learning as a unifying force for schools and communities; taking advantage of summer learning; and creating happy schools.

June 15, 2016

Graduate NYC – The Last Five Years

In its first of three briefs, The Last Five Years, Graduate NYC (GNYC) details how New York City has seen gains in each of the 2020 goal categories related to college readiness, college enrollment, and college degree completion among DOE and CUNY students. Through the release of this report, GNYC aims to focus attention on key indicators of college readiness, access, and success to better understand where progress is being made and where gaps remain. The second brief in this series, Readiness & Enrollment, will be available on June 21. The third and final brief in this series, Degree Completion, will be released on June 28.