Partnership for After School Education

The Afterschool Youth Outcomes Inventory is a PASE-developed tool for afterschool programs to use in incorporating outcomes measurement into their programs.

After soliciting extensive input from many of the agencies in our network, PASE published the first edition of The Afterschool Youth Outcomes Inventory in 2011 and its second edition in 2013. PASE has disseminated the lessons of the Inventory to the afterschool field in a variety of ways, including through professional development workshops, webinars, and presentations at national conferences. Through the dissemination of and training on the AYOI, PASE reaches afterschool program staff to increase their awareness and understanding of the need to identify and measure outcomes and their capacity to do so for their programs, thereby improving their ability to provide high-quality services to low-income children and families. In addition to distribution among the afterschool community, PASE disseminates the Inventory to foundation and corporate funders, government officials, nonprofit practitioners, and private donors, along with those individuals in the afterschool field who attend many of our content-based trainings outside of our outcomes work, including college prep, summer learning, and leadership development, among others. The second edition of the Afterschool Youth Outcomes Inventory is currently available as a pdf  on our Resources page