Partnership for After School Education


“He’ll never give up on you…he’ll be with you to the very end,” are just a few of the many comments young people who participate in Harlem RBI programming will say about Vince Coleman.  Currently the Baseball/Softball Director, Vince began his involvement with Harlem RBI four years ago as a volunteer, bringing with him a thorough knowledge of baseball, and the dedication to use sports to move children and communities in the right direction. Vince's dedication can be best displayed when he met a head-on challenge to manage an inexperienced 13 year-old baseball team in a 13-15 year-old league.  Knowing that the team would struggle to compete against older players and would probably never win a game, Vince saw to it that the team learned more important values than winning, such as teamwork, determination, perseverance, compassion, dignity and above all to give respect so that they can be respected. “He gives you respect and expects it in return," was yet another comment by a participant.

Vince has transformed the Harlem RBI baseball and softball program by infusing more structure into the program, so that team practices are truly opportunities for young people to learn about the sport and about themselves. Vince’s position is incredibly demanding.  In the organization’s 11-year history, he is the only person to ever hold the Baseball and Softball Director position for two consecutive seasons, and he is heading full steam into his third. 

A Harlem native, Vince wants to make sure that his “Garden of Life” continues to flourish by planting seeds of leadership and love. "He teaches you how to go after your dreams,” was yet another quote which illustrates the gifts or seeds Vince is devoted to sharing with the young people, staff, and families of Harlem RBI.