Partnership for After School Education


Clayton Evans, Director of Art and Training Programs at Interfaith Neighbors, Inc., has touched the lives of countless youth and youth practitioners. As an artist, a poet, an author and a youth practitioner, he inspires youth by example and introduces them to a world of self-expression. As an experienced and skilled youth practitioner, he assists hundreds of youth practitioners from agencies throughout the city to identify and develop their own practices with children, teens, and families and is a trainer/mentor for PASE’s Afterschool Literature project.  Clayton uses The Path curriculum, which he co-wrote eight years ago, as a tool to enable youth to write the stories of their lives.  He founded Urban Voices, a group that helped young men to express themselves beyond the world of sports, and he continues to advocate for the development of diverse programming for boys.  Recently, he organized a writing competition, The Festival of Urban Voices, and published the 80 creative writing samples submitted by youngsters in Festival Magazine. Clayton plays a vital role in the field of afterschool programming and is unwavering in his guidance and commitment to a safe world for young people