Partnership for After School Education


Susan Peters, Children’s Program Coordinator of Goddard Riverside Community Center, is a stellar afterschool educator of 6-12 year old youngsters. She has given pivotal leadership to the afterschool Beacon initiatives at Joan of Arc Public School. Susan has helped shape and develop the Beacon Program into afterschool and evening activities in which students can use their abilities and sharpen their skills to plan, communicate, and achieve.  For the past six years, she has developed and supervised programs of homework help, tutoring, drama, music, dance, art, sports, group formation, and leadership development. Susan deals directly with children solving disagreements with their peers and families. She educates them to examine and resolve conflicts of exclusion and other group interactions. The children value her ability to relate to their problem and listen to what they propose to do when they debate their choices before they approach decisions.  Her dedication has been invaluable to the Goddard Youth Center and the youth she continues to support.