Partnership for After School Education


Antonio Aponte is himself a product of The Boys’ Club of New York, having attended their programs as a child growing up on the Lower East Side and, through their services, attending Moses Brown Prep School in Providence, Rhode Island. As a ‘graduate’ of the program, Antonio is able to share his own experiences growing up in the community to motivate and inspire his students to look beyond their current circumstances and towards the possibilities that await them. He currently serves as the Director of Educational Services where he is responsible for a variety of programs including: the Independent School Placement program; the Parents Advisory Board; the Independent Boarding School Fair; and the ISP Prep program.

After graduating from Syracuse University with a B.S. in Theater and Psychology, Antonio pursued a career in Theater, performing in Broadway’s "Cuba and his Teddy Bear" opposite Robert DeNiro, Burt Young, and Ralph Macchio. In 1988 he left theater to become the Assistant Director of Multicultural Recruitment and Retention at SUNY Purchase College where he created the Multicultural Access Program (MAP), helping nearly double the percentage of minority students attending the college.

In 1990, after working in higher education and noticing a lack of college resources specific to Latino youth, Antonio co-founded the Latino College Expo Inc., whose mission is to elevate the educational aspirations of the Latino community by offering an array of specialized services sensitive to their needs. The Expo features workshops focused on college access, the application process, financial aid, and scholarships, and a fair in the afternoon attended by over 75 colleges and 1,000 youth annually. The Latino College Expo, now in its 24th year, embodies Antonio’s passion to open doors to a better future for Latino youth and has administered over $80,000 in grants to deserving high school students of Latino decent.

Antonio has provided thousands of young people with opportunities for educational access and success. Throughout his career, he has strived to infuse creativity and passion into youth development while guiding the youth in his programs to achieve their fullest potential.