Partnership for After School Education


Patrick Pinchinat is living proof that hard work and dedication pay off. Patrick started at Queens Community House sixteen years ago as a Homework Assistant; he now serves as Beacon Director of the Beacon program at Russell Sage JHS 190 in Forest Hills, the most recent of his numerous promotions through the Queens Community House family. According to his former supervisor, Patrick has distinguished himself by being “the perfect example of a caring, professional adult who understands young people and promotes their growth and excellence. He is one of the best youth workers I have ever had the pleasure to work with in my professional life.”

While his demeanor has certainly given him a leg up in his progression through his career, it is perseverance and dedication that have truly made him successful. He has continually sought professional development opportunities and other ways to grow as an afterschool educator. He was in the first class offered by Youth Development Institute for training in Advancing Youth Development and, as an outstanding member of the class, was asked to return the next year as an instructor. He was the first, and only, Journeyworker to be certified in New York State by the NYS Department of Labor to supervise apprentices in Youth Development. And he remains the only man trained and authorized to facilitate Girls Inc.’s SMART program, a science, math, and technology program for girls. More important than all these successes in the classroom, though, is his ability to bring back that knowledge and implement it in his work.

Patrick has engaged in training for youth staff at Queens Community House and hosts their annual youth departmental staff development. He is a frequent advocate for youth leadership, acting as a passionate and effective spokesperson for the Campaign for Summer jobs. He is constantly sharing his experiences with his staff, turning staff challenges into learning opportunities and does his best to give them as many, if not more, opportunities than he had to expand their skills and take on leadership roles. His ability to lead and create opportunities for others to prove their own leadership capabilities have shown him to be a true cultivator of talent for afterschool and critical to the continued growth of the field.