Partnership for After School Education


Lamont is a constant source of energy, creativity, and commitment to the Kingsbridge Heights Community Center (KHCC) youth and their families. A program director at KHCC for the past four years, Lamont is a central figure in the daily operations of its Youth Services, a bustling hub and invaluable resource in the North West Bronx neighborhood of Kingsbridge Heights.

Lamont, or "Jackson" as he is lovingly referred to, started his career in youth services as a Bronx teen attending programs at the Police Athletic League (PAL). At the age of 17, he witnessed the first-hand shooting death of a dear friend over a seemingly trivial conflict. This turning point caused him to reflect on his purpose in life; Lamont proceeded to commit himself to bridging the gap between neighborhood youth and adults, a path that continues to garner him great respect from all levels of the communities in which he lives and works.

Lamont's longevity as a youth worker, his hands on approach during day-to-day programming, and his ability to continuously go above and beyond his daily responsibilities despite limited resources and the changing landscape of afterschool, are what make him a pillar of strength and respect in the community. In his time with KHCC, Lamont has grown their services for school-age youth into exemplary and sought after options for community parents. With increased annual enrollment of youth, expanded hours for working families, and a hot meal each evening, Mr. Jackson's unique mark is one of meeting the needs of local parents and their kids.

Lamont supports the vital connection between the larger community and his school-age youth through ongoing partnerships, such as those that allow him to effectively run his "Star Rewards Store". One of Lamont's proudest accomplishments, the store uses an incentive system to reward positive behavior and program participation through donations from community partners.

Known as the "Mayor" or the "Rev" to youth and adults alike, it is not uncommon to hear "Jackson!!!" yelled from down the street, only to find a parent, community leader, or program alumni eager to engage with him around a shared memory or new idea for a community project. Lamont has made an incredible impact on the entire Bronx community through his support and development of inspiring young people.