Partnership for After School Education



Evelyn Mandel recently started at PASE as a Development Associate. She graduated from Vassar College in 2022 with degrees in Anthropology and Film. Evelyn began interning in the nonprofit industry at the start of college, and she has worked with the Women’s Criminal Justice Association, the Women’s Criminal Justice Project, and Housing+, organizations that work to diminish incarceration rates and improve quality of life for previously incarcerated women after they are released from prison. During her time with these organizations, Evelyn worked as a research intern focusing on alternative methods of incarceration and international prison systems. She also worked on the Beyond Rosie’s 2020 campaign which advocated for the closure of the Rose M. Singer Center women’s jail on Rikers Island. Much of Evelyn’s research during school involved the study of how systems of inequality are maintained inside communities and how they are being upheld, deconstructed, or circumnavigated by community members. She is thrilled to be at PASE joining in the mission to support and uplift those at the heart of our communities: educators, student leaders, and kids.