Partnership for After School Education


Daniel O’Gallagher has been with the Stanley M. Isaacs Neighborhood Center for four years. As the lead counselor for the Isaac Center’s Take Action afterschool program for eleven- to fourteen-year-old students, Danny helped develop skits, performances, and videos, while motivating the youth and creating a sense of family. Danny has proven to be an effective leader working his way up professionally.  He is currently Assistant Beacon Director, helping with the supervision of programs for over 1700 youth in the Yorkville and East Harlem communities. He not only works one-on-one with students with their schoolwork, but also assists them in researching appropriate high schools and colleges. It is not unusual for him to spend time helping his students after hours. Going beyond the call of duty, Danny strives to build the trust of young people and promote in them a sense of responsibility to themselves as well as their community. In the words of a 16-year-old Isaacs Center youth, “Danny shows an extreme amount of empathy for kids and adults, which is very important when relating to anybody’s lives.”