Partnership for After School Education


Steve Pullano began work with the Forest Hills Community House as the organization’s first outreach worker for a new program entitled Hot Spots Teen Outreach.  In the fall of 1984, he and a colleague began going into the streets to see who was out there, where they were hanging out, what they wanted to do, and what their concerns were.  Nineteen years later, under Steve’s direction, the Hot Spots Teen Outreach Program has become a multi-faceted comprehensive youth development program including street outreach, counseling and peer counseling, and youth employment that has an intergenerational focus.  The Teen Outreach program has a staff of more than 50 adults and young people, and the program serves 1800 youth each year.  Over the 19 years that Steve has been with Forest Hills Community House, the Outreach Program has reached approximately 15,000 young people.  The Outreach Program also serves as a model for other youth development agencies across New York City, and was even chosen by the national Hungarian association of neighborhood youth centers as their model for street outreach in Budapest.  Steve’s dedication is particularly amazing given that in addition to his work at Forest Hills Community House, he is also a full time teacher at Stephen A. Halsey Junior High School 157Q.  Steve is a passionate advocate for young people, and has dedicated much of his life to the youth of central Queens.