Partnership for After School Education


Eddie Calderon-Melendez is Director of Youth and Family Services at St. Nicholas Neighborhood Preservation Corporation in Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, and has mentored, hired, trained and guided hundreds of young people of diverse backgrounds.  Eddie began with runaway homeless youth in Greenpoint-Williamsburg and went on to become a Scoutmaster and one of our most innovative youth practitioners.  In his current capacity, he supervises over 80 staff, conducts Staff Development for his after school team, designed a highly successful Service Learning program for youth, fundraises for all of the programs under his direction, and has recently rallied staff, children, parents and the community to attain National Accreditation for his after school programs in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Through all this, Eddie always makes time to directly counsel youth and families on a daily basis.  He is regularly asked to be a trainer for and consultant to the Partnership for After School Education, the Fund for the City of New York and the Literacy Assistance Center, and is widely considered to be a role model for youth professionals around the city.  Eddie is committed to Williamsburg, where he grew up and is now raising his two sons.