Partnership for After School Education


Alex Pineiro has been in his role as Beacon Director for the Samuel Field Y since 2003, but his career in education spans more the 27 years. A long-time advocate for children and families, Alex works hard to reinforce the principles he believes in—which he calls the three R’s: Relationships, Responsibility, and Respect—among program staff and the youth they serve. By incorporating his philosophy into the afterschool program he directs, he has helped create a safe place where children, parents, and staff can celebrate their differences and build upon their commonalities.

Alex believes strongly in providing opportunities for children, volunteers, and staff to create connections and continually build their knowledge and skills. With these goals in mind, he has created numerous projects that not only benefit those participating, but the local community as well. “Project Volunteer” is one such program: Local high school students are recruited as volunteers for the afterschool program, providing them with community service hours, networking opportunities, and, if all goes well, a potential job within the program after they graduate. These entry-level positions are typically filled by college students aiming to gain positive work experience while helping to pay for tuition.

Alex’s strong presence at his afterschool program goes beyond his sizeable stature and distinguished career with the New York State Police; it can be seen in the increased parental involvement, in the smiles on children’s faces as he greets each one by name, and in the sizeable neighborhood attendance of his annual culminating theater event. All these things are testaments to Alex’s ability make each child feel safe, special, and excited about coming to his afterschool program every day.