Partnership for After School Education


Courtney “Coco” Killingsworth is driven by a passion for educating youth about global issues and encouraging youth to become global citizens. Believing strongly in the importance of civic engagement, she helps young people succeed both in school and out by instilling in them the importance of being ethical, civically engaged, politically aware, and globally minded.

The young people in Coco’s programs are inspired by her enthusiasm and her expectation that they will be high-achieving in all of their endeavors. Through a variety of activities focused on global awareness, she enables young people to gain communication, team building, conflict resolution, critical thinking, collaborative problem solving, facilitation, and leadership skills. By engaging youth as global citizens and in the public decision making process, Coco connects American youth to people, cultures, and issues from around the globe.

As the leader of youth development programming at the High School for Global Citizenship (Global Kids’ charter school,) Coco works long hours to identify and address students’ academic and personal development needs and create engaging afterschool programming to meet those needs. Through her innovative programs, Coco has demonstrated that when they are challenged and engaged, youth will embrace learning experiences outside the classroom.

Coco has also significantly influenced the work of her colleagues. She trains and inspires teachers to integrate Global Kids’ innovative youth development approach into the classroom and into afterschool settings. She is the “go to” person at Global Kids for her deep and broad expertise in afterschool programming.

Seeing many parallels between the experiences and challenges of American youth and those abroad, Coco has dedicated her life to sharing those parallels with young people in New York, and to helping the city’s young people see their own lives in a larger context. Her commitment leads the youth in her program to challenge themselves and examine complex global issues, and through this process, to learn more about themselves and the world around them.