Partnership for After School Education


Kenyatta Funderburk has a vision. As the creative force behind two of Inwood House’s innovative programs, Youth-For-R.E.A.L. and The Community Change Institute, he has created a variety of dynamic and empowering opportunities for young people to grow into adults who have what it takes and do what it takes to make their community a better place to live.

Youth-For-R.E.A.L. provides nearly 550 kindergarten through 8th grade students at PS 33 and MS 399 in the Bronx safe space and empowering activities during out of school time, including Spell-A-Mania (the award winning spelling activity), the Community Change Project (the award winning social action activity), art activities and career explorations.

The Community Change Institute is an extension and deepening of Youth-For-R.E.A.L’s Community Change Project. The Institute has expanded into three additional schools, enabling 75 elementary, middle, and high school students to develop into effective community leaders by identifying, analyzing, and addressing issues in their own neighborhoods.

Through a range of partnerships and collaborations with other community-based organizations as well as foundations and universities, Kenyatta ensures the sustainability of the programs he founded and to which he devotes himself daily. Kenyatta’s commitment to effective education in out of school time extends past Inwood House, past his own programs, and leads him to train other afterschool educators and staff in agencies around the city. He also shares his philosophies and strategies around afterschool excellence through a number of PASE trainings for youth workers from agencies in all five boroughs.

Kenyatta is a 2006 Robert Bowne Foundation Research Fellow and sits on the board of the New York State School Aged Child Care Alliance (NYSSACC). Beginning in fall 2006, his Community Change Model will be offered as an Education Division course at Lehman College/City University of New York.

Kenyatta is a model for afterschool staff in underserved communities everywhere. Among staff and students of some of the most challenged schools in the city, he has established a belief that “nothing will ever stop us.” And with that firm a belief, nothing ever will.