Partnership for After School Education


Eighteen years ago, Ranti Ogunleye was a shy, hard to reach young man whose life was transformed through a Global Kids trip to Croatia to work with Bosnian refugees. The trip left an indelible impact on him, helping Ranti see the world through different eyes, and shaping the path to his future. Today, Ranti is an outstanding staff member, youth development worker, and global citizen who inspires a new generation of global citizens as the Senior Trainer at Global Kids.

Ranti is a thoughtful, creative educator whose commitment to his work is evident in his interactions with young people, and a model staff member who works tirelessly on behalf of them, both in and outside of the classroom. Through Ranti's dedication to growing a peaceful yet challenging learning environment, he has engaged hundreds of youth in thinking deeply about important global issues, and given them the tools needed to be active global citizens.

Ranti is the unofficial - but very official – mayor of Staten Island and truly embodies the idea that one can be a global citizen and care about the world while creating meaningful change at home. Ranti recently mobilized a team of youth to conceptualize and paint a beautiful mural on an old bus shelter on Staten Island, promoting community health and wellness. Additionally, through his work with Global Kids and his time as director of the Staten Island branch of the New York Urban League, Ranti has fostered deep connections with the diverse populations in his own community, as well as across the world. At home, he began a relationship with Brooklyn Smoke Free Partnership so youth could be more aware of tobacco advertising and advocate for a smoke-free environment. Across continents this past summer, his time with Global Kids came full circle when he inspired a new generation of global citizens, taking 20 young people to Bosnia for three weeks to explore the role of the media in promoting social change.

Ranti is a strong, dynamic role model who demonstrates the importance of being ethical, civically engaged, politically aware, and globally minded. He is charismatic, funny, and most of all, earnest and sincere.

Ranti also teaches as an adjunct professor at the College of Staten Island and works with his brother and other NFL players running health missions to West Africa.