Partnership for After School Education


Amanda Etienne is a highly motivated and passionate leader who has dedicated her career to ensuring that the lives of young people are enriched in afterschool and community settings. 

Serving as the Associate Director of Youth Development Community Programs, Amanda oversees half the youth development division of The Child Center of NY, which serve some of the poorest neighborhoods in Southern Queens and Far Rockaway.  

Since 2003, Amanda has been a key leader in the expansion and diversity of the youth supportive services at The Child Center, initiating a number of afterschool programs that have impacted hundreds of young people and become integral to the agency, the community, and the individual young people who participate in them. In her time there, The Child Center’s youth services have grown seven-fold and expanded to nearly 40 locations, all a testament to Amanda’s vision, stable guidance and leadership. Amanda works tirelessly to ensure that The Child Center’s afterschool programs are comprehensive, covering everything from college prep, to sexual health, to service learning opportunities. 

Early in Amanda’s career, she was instrumental in growing the Teen Impact and Prevention Program. Noticing a great need to reach young people at risk of contracting HIV/AIDS and/or being involved in dating violence, Amanda significantly expanded the program to reach a greater number or youth, getting them to talk, listen, and eventually rely on their own good judgement. Amanda encouraged creative thinking from her team as she sought to ensure the program not only brought young people in the door, but also helped them truly understand the message. Amanda utilized the growing influence of social media to shatter myths and illuminate messages to teens at risk. Under Amanda’s leadership, teens in the program wrote, filmed, and acted in an award-wining HIV prevention video and produced four public service announcements that aired on cable TV.  

Throughout all programs, Amanda emphasizes the importance – and possibility – of each child living up to his or her full potential, and the responsibility to impact others. She does this by exemplifying that sense of responsibility herself and then working to develop peer leaders. Amanda gives young people the opportunity to truly engage and be part of a movement to change their community for the better, evidenced by the fact that many of Amanda’s students return to The Child Center of NY as volunteers or staff when they are old enough. 

Prior to joining The Child Center, Amanda worked as a Psychiatric Social Worker at the Bronx Lebanon Hospital. Amanda has a Masters in Social Work from Hunter College.