Partnership for After School Education


Waleska Salcedo has over twenty years of professional experience as an educator in the non-profit sector. She has created meaningful and enduring positive change in her community. Her dedication to children and families, and her relentless devotion to the community that raised her, has left an indelible impact on the Bronx.

She was introduced to the life-changing impact of afterschool with Mission Society of New York City. At the Mission Society, Waleska began as a Group Leader, to Program Aide, to Assistant Program Manager and in the fall of 2012 opened the doors to her own after school program, in the Bronx. Waleska leverages her positioning as a member of the community to build relationships, enabling her to involve all students, families, educators, and partners in her program in order to create lasting and deep impact.

Waleska decided to dedicate her professional life to the Mission Society to effect positive change for the students in her community, creating the necessary support network required to level the educational playing field for all.

At Mission Society, she continually supports and empowers her staff, who come from many of the same underserved communities as her students, providing real time coaching and mentoring and supporting professional development opportunities.

Waleska holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Queens College of the City University of New York. She is a 2011 graduate of PASE/Baruch’s Emerging Leaders in Nonprofit Management: A Course for Youth Program Professionals and a 2016 PASESETTERS award recipient.